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Tim's third choir survival guide, 'Seven steps...', starts with the question "why are we even having a concert?". It then leads you through all aspects of concert planning, choosing music and venues, publicity and promotion etc. It also includes a timetable of planning counting down to your event.


You can read all the reviews via the 'Books and CD's' page on our website.


SPECIAL OFFER: Buy both our best-selling choir and concert management books, '365 tips to a more successful choir' and 'Seven steps to more successful concerts' for the vastly reduced price of £13.90 plus postage (would normally be £16.90 plus postage) - only available via our website!


Tim Knight has written published 3 books on Choir and Concert Management Survival which are all best-sellers and viewed as being ‘must-have’ resources for any choir or group, or anyone who organises concerts:


  1. (Download only) The Survival of your Choir
  2. TKM732 365 tips to a more successful choir
  3. TKM820 Seven steps to more successful concerts


HEADS UP!  Look out for Tim’s next book, ‘Getting the best from your Choir’, which is due out in the autumn of 2019, and will focus on top tips and advice for Choral/Musical Directors. It is being written due to popular demand from Tim’s peers looking to benefit from his considerable knowledge and expertise accrued over many years in the music world and his association, in particular, with choral music and choirs.

Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts

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