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'Summer Song Series' - for Singers, Instrumentalists and Pianists

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Here are details of how you can get involved in our ‘Summer Song Series’ project – a project for fellow musicians who would like the opportunity to perform and record whilst being unable to do so publicly in concerts or recitals due to the current circumstances.

We have over 20 songs in our catalogue, the tunes of which can largely be sung by almost any voice part or played by any solo instrument …. but it is imperative that the accompaniment for all the songs is played on the piano since the arrangements are written specifically for it. Details of the range of songs can be found on our website via this link.

In return for a good quality recording (just audio will do in an mp3 format or suitable format for Youtube), we will send you a FREE PDF copy of your chosen song choice for your use only. We can send sample first pages of your choice of songs to help you decide whether they are suitable for you. So, please just get in touch at and tell us what pieces you would like to see!

PS… We would ask that, once in receipt of the free PDF, a usable recording is produced as soon as possible thereafter and at least within one month. We reserve the right to charge £2.00 per song if a recording is not forthcoming thereafter.



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