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Manuals only heaven .....(No Pedals - No Problem!)

There are literally thousands of pieces of Organ Music, after all the Instrument has a very long history! - but what of those players who maybe pianist - pressed into action Organist, or those who are not yet comfortable with the pedals, or indeed those who play instruments without pedals?

There is of course lots of early repertoire, especially from the English organ school of Greene, Boyce, Handel, Walond and the very fine voluntaries of John Stanley, but what of composers writing for manuals only now, ( not Manuals and Pedals pieces that have been adapted) but actual Organ music for manuals.

Here at Tim Knight Music we have a large selection of manuals only music, in fact we recently added a new suite by Alejandro Concolasion to the catalogue and a couple of months ago the anthology of 18 Manual miniatures from my pen went on release, judging by the sales there is a large market for these pieces.

There have also been some wonderful recordings from Organists around the world of these pieces ( all on our YouTube playlist) and the one below by Steven Maxson ( Director of Music at Middlesborough Cathedral) not only showcases the pieces but takes you through a guide of how they work on a Organ of limited tonal variety.

So if you are asked to do a recital on a small instrument, or you don't yet feel comfortable with the pedals - click on this link and it will take you to the Organ Music - manual only section - you will find quite a range of music both in Printed copy and Download versions - and we will be adding more to this section of our catalogue

Happy playing!




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