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From tiny beginnings ...

We have just been putting the finishing touches to our 2023 Catalogue (which is now downloadable from any of our website pages) and what started off almost 25 years ago with 15 titles has now grown to over 300 pieces. From these tiny beginnings, we now represent over 40 composers, many of them being published for the first time.

I remember how hard it was when I started some 35 years ago, so we actively help to give our new composers a head start and our established ones a continued presence and part of that is helped by all the people who record our music for our YouTube Channel, (again another hearty set of thanks!)

Publishing music is not really a profit making business, we (that's Anne the sales lady!) and I spend hours and hours on Facebook, Twitter, through competitions and other outlets working daily to promote the music in our catalogue because we believe that new music and new composers need to be heard. By the time we have paid the cost of print, distribution percentages, Paypal and other fees, and most important, because we do all this, we are able to pay our composers' some royalties, which just about keeps them and us in coffee!

Talking of coffee ... to continue all of this work and embark on new and exciting projects without having to raise our catalogue prices, we are inviting people to buy us a coffee by clicking the link below you can support us with our new and exciting future projects

If you decide at any time to support us with a coffee, you are helping in the creation and distribution and recording of new music and thereby supporting our vision and for that, we thank you very much.

With very best wishes

Tim Knight



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