Watch this space for the results! 2nd Free Organ Music Competition - Cash Prize on offer!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

We are always searching out new music from talented Composers who we can support and promote by publishing their work in our portfolio and launch them onto the market.

Following the very successful results of our organ music competition during lockdown in the summer of 2020, which has seen the anthology of the winning entries, 'Organ Music for Quiet Moments', become a best-seller and receive some very favourable reviews from Organists, Journalists and listeners, we can now announce that our second free-to-enter organ music competition will be searching for five winning entries to be published in a companion anthology 'Organ Music for Joyful Moments' to herald new hope for a New Year. The competition will follow the same formula as before.... see below for more details and how to enter.



We are delighted to announce our new collaboration and partnership with Viscount Organs Wales who have very generously agreed to sponsor the prize money for this competition and in doing so provide a welcome and much needed financial boost to the cause of #organists and organ music at this difficult time. Please visit their website to find out more about them and their work to support musicians and bring awareness to the organ, particularly in the educational sector. Their other partnerships include working with RSCM, MTA, NSSO, SOA, The Organ Manual and others.

Competition details and how to enter - we will be accepting entries from 1st January 2021 and the closing date will be 14th February 2021:

  1. The piece should follow the set theme of 'Organ Music for Joyful Moments' and not exceed 3 minutes.

  2. The piece must be suitable for an Organist of moderate standard and for use in a Church setting primarily, but can also be suitable for a concert or recital setting.

  3. The piece must be new music and not have previously been published or available elsewhere. However, it is acceptable to submit a piece based on an existing (public domain) tune – e.g, a chorale prelude, hymn or plaint as long as the material is based on liturgical music.

  4. Entries should be anonymous... ie, the scores not marked with the Composer's name to preserve impartiality. Any scores marked with the Composer's name will not be considered. Obviously, the winning scores will be reformatted with the addition of the Composer's name for publication.