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Tim has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge and experience from his many years in the choral world, as Conductor, Choral Director, Concert Organiser and Promoter and has helped numerous choirs turn their fortunes around with practical and straightforward advice on issues affecting their group's particular circumstances, whether it be choir management or concert production issues (he is a Yorkshireman after all!). Tim's first 2 books on choir management and concert promotion, "The Survival of your Choir" and "365 Tips to a Successful Choir" were both best-sellers and have received excellent reviews from leading figures and organisations in the choral world. Tim's third book, "Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts", which was released to rave reviews (read them via this link), covers all aspects of concert management, including a timetable of planning counting down to your event and his latest book, "Getting the best out of your choir" is a resource for beginner conductors, though reviewers suggested it was useful to experienced conductors as a reminder and refresher book. All these are available in the Books and CD's section of our shop. However, many choirs have had the personal approach tailored to their own particular set of circumstances.

Tim's down-to-earth approach and inspirational delivery has led to him being increasingly invited to speak to various music groups and conferences around the UK on the survival of choirs and choral music, as well as music education, drawing on his experience as Principal and Teacher at the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama in Leeds.