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Arrangement for:  Organ Solo

Performance Level:  4


Following our very successful first competition on the theme of 'Organ Music for Quiet Moments', we were delighted to receive a great many entries for our second competition on the theme of 'Organ Music for Joyful Moments'. The criteria was the same: to write a piece no more than 3 minutes long which must be suitable for an Organist of moderate standard and for use in a Church setting primarily, but could also be suitable for a concert or recital setting. The aim was once again to choose the top five entries, but there was a sixth piece that the judge just couldn't let go, hence this booklet contains the top SIX winning entries and the outright winner by Wayne L. Wold, 'Jubilation in C'.  You can read more about the winning entries and composers via our blog 



1. Jubilation in C - Wayne L. Wold (competition winner)

2. Festivities! - Phil Lehenbauer

3. Fete - Alastair Johnson

4. Paean - Richard Dunster-Sigtermans

5. Fanfare - Leigh Harrison

6. Jubilate - Graham Twist

Organ Music for Joyful Moments (6 pieces)

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  • Recordings

    Jubilation in C - courtesy of Jerry Martin

    Festivities! - courtesy of the Composer, Phil Lehenbauer

    Festivities! - courtesy of Jerry Martin

    Festivities! - courtesy of James Flores

    Fete - courtesy of Carson Cooman

    Fete - courtesy of Jerry Martin

    Paean - courtesy of the composer, Richard Dunster-Sigtermans

    Paean - courtesy of Jerry Martin

    Fanfare - courtesy of Jerry Martin

    Jubilate - courtesy of the Composer, Graham Twist

    Jubilate - courtesy of Jerry Martin

    Jubilate - courtesy of James Flores

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  • Composer / Arranger / Author

    Various Composers from around the world - please refer to the description 

  • Publisher / Distributor

    Tim Knight Music / Spartan Press 


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