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Free Instrumental Music!

We (Tim Knight Music) are mainly thought of as Organ and Choral Music Publishers, but we also have a wide range of Instrumental and Orchestral music in our catalogue.

There is music for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Alto Flute (see review below) and Clarinet, String Orchestra and Full Orchestra, ranging from the Orchestral tone poem ‘Artengill’ (illustrating a day in the Yorkshire Dales and used for the opening of a new concert hall in Lieden, Holland) to the latest piece, 'Turning Year Suite' for Oboe and Piano (given such a fine performance in Wakefield cathedral recently).

The style of all these pieces is strongly melodic and essentially lyrical (many can be heard on our Youtube channel) and reflect both my love of the English countryside and particularly Northern England and Scotland.

Many are ideal concert pieces, others, such as 'Beside Still Waters' (a suite of reflections on Psalm 23) were written for use as interludes in a church setting. Some pieces were commissions or written especially for certain groups: the Sheffield Flute Choir, for example, has the 'Steel City Shuffle for Flute choir' and the 'Moorland Suite' was written for a commission to celebrate a special birthday.

Others have been competition prize-winners, such as the 1995 'Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra' and the 'Celtic Tunes' for Flute and Piano from around 1994.

We would love you to explore this section of our catalogue and, to encourage you to do so, we are always happy to provide music free if you have a performance or recording lined up. This is because we collect royalties from the PRS from these performances and, as we poor composers have to live, all royalties, however small, add up!

So, please click here and browse our instrumental and orchestral titles and get in touch (or share this blog with anyone you know who might be interested) to discuss how we can work together!


“Something new for 2 flutes and piano”

Chris Hankin Just Flutes staff member -

"There is something refreshing about this Suite as it isn't exactly what you might expect for this combination. Full of Scandanavian colour, it immediately transports you to the the snow covered landscape of the cover! The Introduction has gentle lilting rhythms over wistful harmonies, whilst Pipemans Dance is jaunty and energetic. The second movement, Plaint, is a much starker D minor and full of a feeling of isolation. Approachable in style, this is a valuable addition to the repertoire."



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