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Arrangement for: Organ


3 pieces for profound moments when the organ needs to be solemn: Solemn Prelude; Meditation: Reflection and Prelude for the Fallen.


The first piece begins quietly, exploring thematic material, with occasional solos in right or left hand. The music increases in volume, ending with rather full organ. 

The second piece draws its title, Meditation: Reflection both from its contemplative tone and the musical technique employed: most of the work is a canon between the highest voice and the pedal at the octave (a "reflection"). 

The last piece in the collection is perhaps the most evocative. It was written in England on September 12, 2001, as the images of the fallen World Trade Center towers, of the destruction at the Pentagon, and of the loss of life in a field in southwestern Pennsylvania were flashing across the television screen. Prelude for the Fallen is dedicated to "The victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist incident," The composer develops his main theme, beginning with four eighth notes (perhaps for the four sites involved), into a concise and poignant prayer for the many lives lost in those violent acts. 


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The Solemn Organ

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