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Studio 275 is open - visit us when you're in town!

Some of you will know us from sheet music sales and our catalogue continues to grow, with new music issued monthly, sometimes as a result of competitions (our latest release is pictured far left below) - we try to represent composers who are starting out or hitherto unknown and may not yet have found a mainstream publisher.

Some customers come to us for our ever-growing and evolving selection of secondhand music - we take in music for re-sale because it allows more choirs to access music that they perhaps couldn’t afford new and it helps us fund the release of new music (please contact us if you know anyone who might have any music to donate for re-sale).

Some of you may be singers at our sing days, holidays and other events like our Leeds Summer Choir project which will be repeated this year (pictured far right below) which we operate around the UK, in which case you will also have met Anne who deals with all bookings and logistics for these events - these are aimed at giving singers access to repertoire that their regular choir may not have looked at.

Some of you may know Tim personally from his own three choirs or from tuition in composing, conducting or singing, or may have had visits from one of his choirs, or even been a commissioner of new music.

Whatever capacity you come to Tim Knight Music, we welcome you and we also welcome new ideas that we can bring to fruition.

So, our major new thing for 2024 is the opening of Studio 275 in Leeds (pictured below). Having completed 23 years at the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama, we have opened this studio for Tim to continue teaching Composition, Conducting, Singing and Music Theory (up to Grade 8 ABRSM) and also to have a meeting place with clients wanting to discuss ideas or commissions etc. You can book appointments online and we also have a dedicated number for the studio 07342 139186 so, get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

5 Reasons to visit us Studio 275:

1. Improve your singing

2. Learn to write that symphony

3. Get to grips with musical dots and dashes

4. Talk over your musical projects, commissions and other ideas for collaborations

5. Browse and buy secondhand music

And, of course, enjoy a coffee!

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1 Comment

Looks great - there's nothing like a music studio (or shop). Hope it will be a very creative space!

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