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New Singing Mini-Guide released !

This mini-book retails at £300 - actually it doesn't - it's only £5.00, but the higher price is probably what it would cost for individual singing lessons to cover the basics of singing!

This is the first in our series of mini-guides - this one, '49 tips to your better singing voice', will be followed by '49 tips to help you choose what to sing', and the series will also cover other musical subjects in a projected set of 10 guides.

This one covers Breathing, Tone production, Vocal health, Phrasing, Consonants and Curing faults in an easy-to-read and understandable set of tips aimed at those wanting to get the best out of their voice, whatever stage they are at or ambition they might have.

Choir Directors could even get one for each choir member as a give- away present (we'll do a fine discount deal!)

This mini-guide is available to order online now via the link below...

At the same time, and to make way for all these new and exciting books, we are also having a massive clearance on the remaining other three books in our 'must-have' choir management series. All three books, '365 Tips to a more successful choir', 'Seven Steps to more successful concerts' and 'Getting the best from your choir' are now available as a multi-pack offer at £10.00 - that's all three books for less than the cost of two of them! Click on the link below to take advantage of the offer...

Happy Reading and Happy Easter!!!



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