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Sonata launches new 'Northern Edition' Series

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

From 2020, we are going to be exploring the wealth of music by Northern Composers past and present, publishing these under the 'Northern Edition Series'. The series will include Instrumental, Organ and Choral pieces - some names will be familiar, others less so. In the pipeline is Sir Joseph Barnby (Organ), Sir William Sterndale Bennet (Instrumental) and to start off the series this piece - Matthew Camidge's 'Sonata for Flute or Violin and Piano', launched at the British Flute Society Flute day in Sheffield ( The Camidge Family supplied Organists to York Minster for over 100 consecutive years.

This Sonata by Matthew Camidge is Opus 8, first published in 1794. Matthew Camidge was born in York in 1764. As a composer he wrote sonatas for pianoforte, with accompaniments for violin or flute, some songs, two works of psalmody and six concertos for the organ or grand piano forte. 

You can listen to the midi recording on our Youtube Channel - please do share any recordings you make with us!



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