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Arrangement for: Solo B flat Clarinet and String Orchestra


Solo Bflat cl & string ensemble (vns1&2, vas1/2, vcs1/2, db). Includes Score and Parts. 


Reviews / Testimonials:


“Just in time to save ‘rhapsody’ from going out of fashion as a musical description, Tim Knight’s 1-movement work (for that is the essence of such a name) has all the right ingredients. It has a free-flowing solo line which is unafraid to move through a succession of time signatures, which is in turn enhanced by an independent solo line which keeps to the clarinets best melodic register, although it stays out of the chalmeau range, the upper notes go no higher than a concert D. Under the same idea of granting freedom with license, there is plenty of phrasing and dynamics, but not too much, and the composer carries this through to the string ensemble too. This is an accompaniment by the way with some moments of genuine contrapuntal interest.” Music Teacher Magazine.

Winters Rhapsody II

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