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Arrangement for: Clarinet and Piano


These two very atmospheric pieces for Clarinet and Piano were written around 2010 for the Clarinettist Dan Gibson and are ideal for teaching or Concert use.





Tim Knight. Lament and Pastorale: two pieces for clarinet and piano.

Spartan Press, 2018. £8.25

British composer Tim Knight (b. 1959) is primarily known for his choral works and his books on choir management. However, he also has a healthy output of compositions for woodwinds. His Lament and Pastorale is a fine example of lyrical woodwind writing. The work was written in 2010 and revised in 2018. As the title suggests, it would be appropriate to perform these pieces individually, or together as a two movement work. The pieces are not long, each one lasting approximately 2 minutes. The “Lament” is written in 6/8, marked “sadly and slowly,” and has a gentle flowing feel. In a break from the traditional lament, the melodic line ascends throughout the work with the clarinet and piano weaving in and out of one another. The “Pastorale” is also in a slow 6/8, and is marked “wistfully and expressively.” It is not as lyrical as the “Lament,” with more tongued 16th notes and wider melodic jumps. Knight’s Lament and Pastorale should appeal to clarinetists of varied abilities. The range is fairly comfortable in both movements. The “Lament” only extends into the altissimo a few times and just reaches an F when it does, while the “Pastorale” stays in the chalumeau and clarion registers. The rhythms may be complicated for young students, but the slow tempo makes them accessible. Both pieces have an earthy, peaceful style and mood that would be welcome in a recital setting." – Madelyn Moore, 'The Clarinet' published by the International Clarinet Association

Lament and Pastorale

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