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On your marks ...

Now, as the first glimmers of hope start to appear in the choral world, is a good time to be thinking about our campaigns to get back to concerts.

Whilst we will all have to adapt to a new 'normal' for what may be some time to come, the promotion, advertising and organisation of our concerts and musical activities will need to be more focussed than ever to attract and encourage audiences to participate.

It is easy to feel down-hearted and demoralised about the future of our choirs given there is still uncertainty surrounding the safety of singing, but we need to dust ourselves down and fire up to get back in the race, so that we aren't the ones putting our trainers on when the starting pistol goes.

Tim's 'Choir Survival Guides' have all received fantastic reviews (you can read some of them via this link) and have helped many choirs and concert organisers focus their concert planning, choir management and promotional activities and, where a choir's members have taken ownership and bought into the collective effort required, they have proved that success can be achieved and goals surpassed.

Choir and concert management survival guides

So, now is an excellent time to take advantage of Tim's two books:

'Seven steps to more successful concerts' (normally £7.95); and

'365 tips for a more successful choir' (normally £8.95)

at this special price of just

£10.00 for the pair (would normally be £13.90 for the pair on the Multi-buy offer). Click on the picture to access the offer.

If you already have the books and/or have a list of questions already, then why not book a 'Choir Survival Workshop' with Tim and work through them with him....

Also available, now as a download only is Tim's first book 'Survival of your Choir' and, whilst all the books were written with the UK market in mind, they can easily be adapted for overseas use.



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